Sector Solutions – Advocacy by Kaye Englin, President of the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa

Advocacy is the action of promoting and advancing a non-profit’s mission…the primary goals of ad

vocating for your non-profit are done in an effort to grow awareness of the community need and the service you are providing, with the hopes that it will create more awareness and solutions, and ultimately meet the needs of the mission it provides.
As non-profits,  we simply must speak up for those we serve both with legislative partners that can help direct funding for the critical and important  programs and services we provide our state, as well as leverage vital local philanthropic support to ensure the success of our programs (read more…)
With the diversity of our programming, non-profits truly provide the opportunity for all communities to provide the quality
of life that all citizens certainly deserve.
Advocacy needs to be a part of our monthly strategy as organizations, not just during the legislative session.  I encourage everyone to share your voice, your vocational and field expertise, and please know that legislators truly do want and need to hear from you.  You are the experts in the trenches, and that perspective is truly priceless.  Not only to those who are elected to help make the important legislative budget decisions, but to the receivers of the services.  Do it for them.
This article from the Non-Profit Quarterly does a good job of reminding all of us how advocacy and lobbying are critical responsibilities for each of us as non-profit partners, and how we all need to feel empowered to do our part! Now is the time for each of us to share our voice of advocacy for the public good!

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