We are lucky enough to live a community where nonprofit leaders, businesses, and government institutions have partnered together to build a better Cedar Valley. Over the last decade this collaborative spirit catalyzed a handful of philanthropic/nonprofit leaders to consider how nonprofits and our community could continue to thrive if we were to work together more intentionally and systematically.

To that end, several organizations have been working behind the scenes to organize a network for local nonprofits.  Six years ago we named the network, The Cedar Valley Nonprofit Association, and offered quarterly networking and educational events.  In 2011 we started a website (www.cedarvalleynonprofitassociation.com), began distributing an e-newsletter every two weeks and found some talented interns to help us.  Today, we are ready to launch a new phase of activity. We believe over the next several years our activities will encourage growth of nonprofit executives, organizations, and the sector as a whole.

In 2017, a group of MIS majors from UNI (Jon Hamilton, Matt Gillen, Nick Letsch, and Abdulhadi Alqahtani) helped us create the new website (www.cedarvalleynonprofits.org) that you are currently browsing. This group was incredibly helpful in creating a new website and helping us through all the technical details of hosting a new website.


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