Sector Solutions

Sector Solutions: What is ONE thing we could do to strengthen the nonprofit sector in the Cedar Valley?
The Cedar Valley Nonprofit Association planning committee has been thinking about our Association’s role in strengthening the nonprofit sector.  In our first five years, CVNA has worked to strengthen the sector by supporting the growth of individual members….
(1) bringing high-quality training to our community every quarter
(2) offering regular professional networking opportunities
(3) sharing information via our newsletter and our (new) website
Our surveys tell us that these services are important to CVNA members and we plan to continue offering workshops, networking, our website, and our newsletter!  We’re also thinking about how to strengthen the entire nonprofit sector, for all of us, and our community.  Our legislative forum is an example of a sector strengthening activity.  The forum (coming again on December 1) is a chance for us to give voice to issues that affect all of our organizations.  Examples of topics from previous forums include student loan forgiveness for nonprofit employees, minimum wage changes, reimbursement timelines for state grants and contracts, etc.
An invitation to participate in a new editorial series:
We’re interested in hearing your ideas about how to strengthen the entire nonprofit sector. We’ll begin the conversation with a question:  What is ONE thing we could do to strengthen the nonprofit sector in the Cedar Valley?  We’re looking for big ideas and small ideas, research-based ideas, and locally sourced-ideas, simple ideas and even a few crazy ideas. Can you help us?  We’d LOVE to hear YOUR ideas about specific practices or policies that could help the nonprofit sector to grow and improve.  Send us a quick note about your idea and then we’ll select some for longer opinion pieces on our website and in our newsletter.  Please contact Andrea Greve Coello at [email protected] if you have an idea to share.

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